Job interview


A: Thank you for coming, Mr Zielinski. My name is Alan Green.
I am in charge of zarządzać, kierowaćHuman Resources at Profile Engineers Ltd.
B: How do you do.
A: How do you do. Was it easy to find our offices?
B: Yes, I didn’t have any problems on my way here.
A: Take a seat. Now then. I see you are working for MX Building and Development at the moment. How long have you been there?
B: Since 2001. It’s a very interesting post, but I am looking for something with more responsibility odpowiedzialność in a bigger construction company. A: So you are ready for a change?
B: Yes. I feel I have come as far as I can at wyczerpałem możliwości MX Building and Development and I think it is time to find something more challenging.
A: Now let’s talk about your experience. Could you tell me what you did in your last job?
B: At ABC Construction I was a building site supervisor and an assistant engineer.
A: I see. And what do you do in your present job?
B: I am responsible for a team of technicians and assistant engineers. Under the supervision of the company’s main architect and general designer we prepare initial analyses and
design projektowaćconcepts for our prospective investors.
A: Have you had any training since you left university?
B: Yes, in 2003 I did post-graduate studies in anticorrosion protection of buildings
A: Have you ever had a position of responsibility? odpowiedzialne stanowisko
B: As I mentioned my present position involves managing a team of technicians and assistant engineers
A: Have you got a construction license?
B:  Yes, I do. I passed my license exam in 2004.
A: What do you think your biggest achievements osiągnięciaare?
B: In 1999 I was a member of a team of engineers that designed Globe Trade Centre in Warsaw and Sadyba Shopping Mall.  
A: Have you ever worked abroad or for a foreign investor?
B: No, never, but I would like to.
A: What foreign languages can you speak?
B: I can speak English and a little Russian and German.
A: Do you know how to operate AutoCad?
B: Oh, sure. I learnt this application at university and I use it at work.
A: What are your ambitions for the future?
B: I would like to develop as a civil engineer and work on big projects such as business centres, possibly also abroad.
A: What salary płacado you expect? oczekiwać
B: At the moment I am earning PLN 4000 gross so I would like PLN 4600 gross….
A: That should be fine. Is there anything else you need to know?
B: Are there any perks dodatkowe korzyści z pracy, np. samochód służbowythat come with the job?
A: You will receive full Medical Insurance for you and your family as well as a mobile phone to start with.
B: It sounds good to me.
A: Anything else?
B: I don’t think so. I think we’ve covered everything. omówiliśmy wszystko
A: Well, I think we’ll call it a day w takim razie kończmythen. I’ll be in touch with you soon.
B: How soon?
A: Within w przeciągutwo weeks. Thank you very much for coming. It was a real pleasure meeting you.
B: For me as well. Thanks for everything.

  Odrobina teorii: The Present Continuous , The Present Simple


1. Find information in the dialogue to answer the questions.
(Proszę wyszukać w dialogu odpowiednie informacje, aby odpowiedzieć na poniższe pytania).

1. What does Alan Green do? Odpowiedź: He is in charge of human resources at Profile Engineers Ltd.
2. What is Mr Zielinski responsible for? Odpowiedź: Mr Zielinski is responsible for a team of technicians and assistant engineers.
3. How many foreign languages does Mr Zielinski speak? Odpowiedź: He speaks 3 foreign languages (English, German, Russian).
4. How much does he want to earn? Odpowiedź: PLN 4600 gross
5. Does he like the company perks at Profile Engineers Ltd? Odpowiedź: Yes, he does.
6. When will Profile Engineers Ltd contact him? Odpowiedź: Within two weeks.

2. Look at these sentences from the dialogue.
(Proszę spojrzeć na zdania z dialogu.)

a). Which describes a present action happening now?
(Które opisuje obecną czynność wykonywaną w tej chwili?)
b). Which describes typical, repeated action?
(Które opisuje czynność typową, powtarzającą się?)

I am looking for something with more responsibility in a bigger construction company. (Present Continuous)

We prepare initial analyses and design concepts for our prospective investors. (Present Simple)

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