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From design to maintenance: a quiz


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The summer has finally arrived and it's a holiday season. What's more, we have just finished a series of lessons about different stages of building a home. It seems a good time to brush up your English and revise vocabulary and expressions related to the construction industry. Complete the following tasks and check what you remember from all the fourteen lessons published in "Inżynier Budownictwa" monthly starting from March 2015.

Task 1

Group the words below and put them in the tables according to the five categories provided:

reinforced concrete, map extract, building permit, construction log, levelling of the ground, plumbing, site manager, bituminous shingle, roofing felt, occupancy permit, switchboard, construction stakeout, shuttering, pickaxe, earthworks, insulation, light expanded clay aggregate, plaster, heat pump, lime, local development plan, finishing coat, fuse, site inspector, surveyor, vent



Building materials:

People at the construction site:

Important documents:

Construction works:

Tools and devices:


Task 2

Complete the sentences below with the appropriate words or expressions in correct forms:

1.    At the site entrance there’s an______  _______ providing key details about the site as well as emergency telephone numbers.

2.  The ground has been levelled so now we can excavate foundation ______ and lay footings.

3.    A_________ wall carries the weight of the building and distributes this load onto the building’s foundation.

4.    The____ has to be able to support the dead and live loads applied to it.

5.    For safety reasons, the stairs should be equipped with a _____ on at least one side.

6.    We will reroof your garage with metal roofing _____ to give it a new lease of life.

7.    _____ gives a smooth finish to walls and ceilings.

8.    Installation of hardwood ____ will not be light on your pocket but the value it adds to your house repays off every single penny.

9.    Mineral wool, polystyrene and polyurethane _____ are very popular insulation materials.

10.    Numerous home owners rely on -  ________  ______ where a public sewer is not an option.

11.  _________   _________ such as coal and wood are a cost effective way of heating your home.

12.  _______   and circuit breakers protect electrical circuits and appliances.

13.    Adding some -______ elements can spruce up your garden.

14.    An _______  ________  _______  contains information on your home’s energy use.


Task 3

You’ll hear five short extracts in which a person is talking about different building works. Your task is to match each recording to one of 8 possible names below. There are 3 names that you don’t need to use.


A. Land development

B. Plumbing

C. Insulation works

D. Central heating

E.  Plastering

F. Flooring

G. Electrical works

H. Earthworks













Task 4

Choose the odd word out in each of the following groups:

1.  reinforced, lean, galvanized, lightweight, pre-cast

2.  sink, radiator, washbasin, toilet bowl, bathtub

3.  floor, wall, beam, binder, window

4.  truss, tread, riser, landing, step

5. sandpit, gazebo, plot, pond, bench


Magdalena Marcinkowska


Check the answers.  If you get 35 or more right answers, you’re doing pretty well with English for the construction industry.


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Odpowiedzi do quizu z języka angielskiego:


Building materials – 7 words
reinforced concrete, bituminous shingle, roofing felt, light expanded clay aggregate, plaster, lime, finishing coat


People at the construction site – 3 words
site manager, site inspector, surveyor


Important documents – 5 words
map extract, building permit, construction log, occupancy permit, local development plan


Construction works – 6 words
levelling of the ground, plumbing, construction stakeout, shuttering, earthworks, insulation


Tools and devices – 5 words
pickaxe, vent, heat pump, fuse, switchboard

Task 2
1. information board
2. trenches
3. load-bearing
4. floor
5. handrail
6. sheets
7. Plaster
8. Flooring
9. foam
10. septic tanks
11. Solid fuels
12. Fuses
13. landscaping
14. energy performance certificate

Task 3












Task 4
1. galvanized
2. radiator
3. window
4. truss
5. plot

TOTAL: ______ / 50 points





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