Small talk is a casual conversation about unimportant things, for example at a party, lunch, business meeting or even in an elevator. some people may argue it is a waste of time. How- ever, it can help you break the ice, hold a conversation, fill up an awkward silence and build great relationships. Some- times, you may feel uncomfortable when attempting to start a conversation, especially with a stranger and in a foreign language. Here are some handy phrases.



- Hi Tom, good to see you. How are you today?
- Hey there! I’m fine, thanks. How are you doing?
- I’m very well, actually. I am looking forward to the weekend.
- Me too. Lots of traffic this morning, right?
- Yes, it took me 1 hour to get to work today!



- Hi Mike, I haven’t seen you for ages! What have you been up to?
- Oh, this and that.
- Do you still work at AC Construction?
- Yes, indeed.
- And what are you doing around here?
- We are constructing a new facility nearby. And what’s new with you?
- Just the usual!



- Isn’t it a lovely day!
- Yes, the weather has been nice lately. The winter has been mild this year but... according to the forecast there might be some snow next week.
- This weather is crazy!



- Good morning! Haven’t we met somewhere before? Oh, your name... it has just slipped my mind for the moment.
- Paul. We got to know each other during the site inspection last year. How are things going over on the construction site today?
- What a crazy day! I I've been rushed off my feet. I haven’t eaten anything the whole day.
- Then give yourself a short break. Come on, 10 minutes won’t kill you, and you’ll feel better.
- Sounds good! I deserve some lunch or just a coffee after such a rough day. Catch you later!
- See you around the site.



- Hi, I’m Jane. Is this your first time at the Construction Expo?
- No, I’ve been here before several times.
- What do you think about it? It’s nice here, isn’t it?
- I think it’s great. There are a lot of exhibitors. And the venue and food is nice. I also like the lectures.
- Me too. Which one are you attending now?
- Well, the one about delivering projects in BIM seems interesting.



elevator (BrE lift) - winda a waste of time - strata czasu

to break the ice - przełamać lody, rozładować atmosferę to start/hold a conversation - zaczynać/podtrzymywać rozmowę

awkward silence - niezręczna cisza

stranger - obcy, nieznajomy

(weather) forecast - prognoza (pogody)

to pop in - wpaść gdzieś

fairs - targi

exhibitor - wystawca

venue - lokal, miejsce (np. spotkania, konferencji)


Użyteczne zwroty/Useful phrases

Good to see you./Nice to see you. - Dobrze/miło cię widzieć.

How are you (today)?/How do you do?/How are you doing?/How is it going?/How are things going? - Co słychać?/Co u ciebie?/Jak leci?

I haven’t seen you for ages./Long time no see!/When was the last time we saw each other! - Nie widzieliśmy się całe wieki!/Kopę lat!/Kiedy ostatni raz się widzieliśmy?

What have you been up to?/What are you up to? - Co porabiasz?

This and that - Różne rzeczy.

What’s new with you? - Co nowego u ciebie?

Just the usual! - To, co zwykle!/Po staremu!

Isn’t it a lovely day!/It’s so nice out today, isn’t it?/Beauti- ful day, isn’t it? - Piękny dzień, prawda?

Did you watch/see/hear about....... yesterday/last week? - Czy oglądałeś/widziałeś/słyszałeś o...... wczoraj/w ubiegłym tygodniu?

Have you seen it?/Have you ever been to...?/Have you heard that...?/Have you ever tried...? - Widziałeś to?/ Byłeś może w...?/Słyszałeś, że...?/Czy kiedykolwiek próbowałeś...?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for... - Trzymam kciuki za. Catch you later!/See you soon! - Do zobaczenia później/ wkrótce!


Magdalena Marcinkowska